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  • By Pacific island Times News Staff

NAVFAC awards first DPRI Guam contract for FY2021

Marine Corps Base Camp Blaz in Dededo has been activated effective Oct. 1, 2020 officially marking the U.S. military installation's initial operational capability of the base, which is part of the troops realignment program

Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command (NAVFAC) Pacific has announced the awarding of the first of 12 planned Defense Policy Review Initiative (DPRI) Guam contracts.

The $26.6 million firm-fixed price contract was awarded Oct. 30 and includes two projects, Area Distribution Nodes (ADN) and Site Telecommunications Cabling. The ADN was awarded on time, but the Site Telecommunications Cabling was awarded ahead of its Jan. 2021 schedule.

“This is great news for the Guam DPRI program,” said NAVFAC Pacific Guam Program Management Office Director Will Boudra. “Not only did the NAVFAC Pacific team include two projects into this one contract award, we were able to award the additional Telecommunications Cabling project three months ahead of schedule.”

Reliable Builders, Inc., a small business, of Tamuning, Guam will serve as the contractor for the construction of the new state-of-the-art digital communications backbone at Marine Corps Base Camp Blaz (MCBCB), Guam which will provide on-island connectivity to more than 60 facilities within the new base, along with worldwide connectivity.

“We are very pleased to have awarded this contract to a local company in Guam as it helps spread the work throughout small businesses on the island,” said NAVFAC Pacific Deputy for Small Business Programs Regina Pasqualucci.

The work to be performed includes the construction of a telecommunications infrastructure required to provide connectivity between the key ADN facilities that support the U.S. Marine Corps main cantonment area, as well as the telecommunications infrastructure at Naval Computer and Telecommunications Center Finegayan, Guam. The work will also include construction of the outside plant telecommunications cabling for the MCBCB, Finegayan main cantonment.

“The best way I have found to visualize this project is to think of it as the digital superhighway for Camp Blaz,” said Boudra. “The project will build the digital highways within MCBCB, which will link every facility on the base to each other and those facilities with the outside world via a digital roundabout, or ADN, directing every electronic communication on to its next destination in the fastest and most secure way possible.”

Work will be performed aboard MCBCB Guam with an expected completion date of May 2022. This project was funded by cash contribution from the Government of Japan. (NAVFAC)


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