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The Team

Behind the magazine is a local team with more than 75 years of cumulative experience in journalism.

Marketing/Advertising Executive


Anna Marie.jpg

Account Executive



Vince Akimoto

Raquel Bagnol

Bea Cabrera

Phillip Cruz Jr

Zaldy Dandan

Jayne Flores

Kenneth Gofigan Kuper

Robert Klitzkie

Theodore Lewis

Joyce McClure

Diana Mendoza

Joseph Meyers

Alex Rhowuniong

Johanna Salinas

Jay Shedd

Jeff Voacolo


Our Mission

The Pacific Island Times is published in Guam by the Pacific Independent News Service LLC in partnership with the Pacific Note. Our goal is to be the most comprehensive, accurate, analytical and most interesting source of news on politics, government affairs, economy and business, arts and culture in Guam and in the region.

We operate on the following principles:

  1. To assertively seek content that has high interest, impacts the reader, provokes discussion and advances the reader's knowledge;

  2. To create a product that is a reflection of the diversity of the backgrounds, goals and interests of the readers;

  3. To consistently adhere to the ethical guidelines of the publication and foster the most professional environment possible at all levels, and;

  4. To present fair and balanced stories.


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