August 4, 2020

I was born and raised in the Midwest United States. A far west suburb of Chicago, to be exact. But since I have lived most of my life here on this beautiful emerald gem in the western Pacific Ocean, I am a Guamanian. And since my husband and children are CHamoru, one of my mother-in-law’s late friends once told me I am CHamoru by… Well, let’s just call me a CHamaole. 

Thank God. Because I have to say if you are from the mainlan...

August 2, 2020

Saipan —  “The best novel about American politics,” according to The New York Times, was published in 1956. The author was Edwin O’Connor, a print and broadcast journalist, and the title of his book was The Last Hurrah. It could very well be among the best novels about politics, period.

The novel’s hero is Frank Skeffington, the 72-year-old mayor of an unnamed East Coast city. He had been in politics for half a century, but was...

August 1, 2020

New York, NY-- China and the United States are in conflict. Almost every military, political and economic analyst believes that if not resolved, it will lead to hostilities. Should that happen, Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands will be the first to know and feel the first blow.

In the last week, the Attorney General William Barr, FBI Director Christopher Wray, both the Secretary of the Defense and the C...

July 30, 2020

Just breathe... the American president says this country is at war with the virus. 

Historic wartime measures, including a worldwide travel ban, have crushed the economy and have ostensibly put more lives in danger. In the face of an invisible enemy, President Donald Trump invoked the Defense Production Act, a Korean War-era law that empowers the federal government to exert control over the private sector to meet national defen...

Washington, D.C. – With 70,106 new cases the coronavirus daily count is greater today than in March, when local officials around the country decided to close schools to protect students, teachers, and staff from the spreading disease.

The shutdown has been a terrible hardship for all.

But it has reminded us how essential schools are to life in the Marianas and throughout America. Our schools are where working parents can be conf...

July 11, 2020

The whole world has surely noticed that China, Australia and the United States are having Covid-19 community spread again. While several places are locked down again, it is time that every government honestly informs people that we are inevitably going to live with the coronavirus for a while. Only sustainable measures, which is absolutely not another lockdown, can really help everybody get through it together.

After some restr...

July 10, 2020

Palau and the Federated States of Micronesia are among the last countries standing, sharing the hall of fame with just a few other countries that have successfully hindered the entry of the treacherous Covid-19 into their communities.

They were among the first nations in the region to shut their borders when the contagion was in its nascent stage. And despite remaining Covid-free, they are not racing to be the first ones to re...

Discrimination against Chuukese living on Guam may have been alleviated to some degree. But I was reminded a few weeks ago that racism is still alive in our small island community today. This was pointed out by Cali Que, a young African-American, whose candid vlog on Facebook went viral in the local community.

In recent weeks, many on Guam came out to show support for the national #BlackLivesMatter movement, recharged by the de...

July 8, 2020

 Saipan — Staring into the financial abyss, the Northern Mariana Islands government has enlisted the help of Graduate School USA in “assessing the size and nature of the CNMI’s current economic crisis and identifying potential solutions.” Graduate School USA or GSU aims to, among other things, “develop people and to make government more efficient.”

GSU is no stranger to the CNMI’s fiscal woes. Years ago, it drew up a report on...

July 6, 2020

Imagine that at age 14, when you are either in 8th grade or just starting your freshman year of high school, a man rapes and impregnates you. You have the baby, and want to give the infant up for adoption so you can heal and get on with what is left of your shattered adolescent life. But your rapist, who has admitted to having sexually assaulted you, will not sign the adoption papers because he now wants to exercise his parent...

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