FAA withdraws proposed rule on airspace restriction over AAFB

Anderson Air Force Base Guam

The Federal Aviation Administration has withdrawn its earlier proposal for the creation of a restricted airspace over the future site of live-fire training complex in northern part of Guam.

“The FAA does not issue restricted areas for small arms gun ranges within the United States,” FAA said in withdrawing its proposed rule requested by the Department of Defense and published in the Federal Register in March.

“Issuing a restricted area for small arm gun ranges in Guam would set a precedent nationwide at military and countless civilian gun clubs.”

The proposed R-7202, with an altitude of 4,900 feet from the surface, was to be established on the northwest of Anderson Air Force Base, the site of the U.S. Marines’ live-fire training range complex.

In its March notice, FAA earlier said, creating a restricted area would provide the protection required to contain these hazardous activities and the weapons safety footprints for the ordnance to be used within the proposed airspace.