AG Camacho clears way for RISE Act payments, says program is lawsuit-proof

Leevin Camacho

Attorney General Leevin Camacho has given Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero the green light to implement the local stimulus program known as the Recovery Income Support and Empowerment or RISE Act, assuring her that the law can withstand any legal challenge.

The law allows the use of federal Covid-19 relief grants to cover this program , but Adelup said funds are not yet available to make payments.

The governor has had a lukewarm response to this program since it was proposed in the 35th Legislature. She argued that the $1,400 Covid relief aid from the federal government superseded the local program, which provides $800 per eligible resident.

The bill, introduced by then Sen. Regine Biscoe-Lee, has lapsed into law and became Public Law 35-136 without the governor's signature.

Leon Guerrero sought the attorney general's opinion, claiming "there is a concern" about the exclusion of government employees and retirees from the RISE Act.