CDC raises travel alert level for Guam; eases restrictions for CNMI

(Updated: Nov. 22, 2020/4:34 p.m.)

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has raised the travel alert for Guam to level 4, advising travelers to “avoid all travel” due to a “very high” Covid-19 incidence rate on island.

The health agency has eased the travel restrictions for Guam’s sister territory, the CNMI, whose risk category has been downgraded from level 2 to level 1. The CNMI’s risk level has been marked “low.” The CNMI has had a total of 104 Covid-19 positive cases as of Nov. 21, with two deaths since March 28.

CDC modified its travel health notice system on Nov. 21, adding level 4 based on updated criteria for determining travel risk levels.

Guam was previously labeled “level 3,” which advised against “nonessential travels.”

The CDC’s new travel notices are based on incidence rate— factoring in cumulative new cases per 100,000 people— as well as new case trajectory over the past 28 days.

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