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  • Pacific Island Times Staff

77 years ago, Pearl Harbor, Guam attacked

Americans were hearing a lot about the Hawaii attack, but virtually nothing about Guam

Very few U.S. newspapers front-paged the Japanese bombing and invasion of Guam, the Chicago Tribune being one exception. Its front page reflected the scope of the war that was just dawning.

Details on the Guam attack made page 9 of the New York Times

At that point, the only source of information about Guam and the rest of Japanese-mandated Microneisa, was Radio Tokyo, not a particularly reliable one. In fact, that was largely the situation for other American military interests in the Pacific, little known to most Americans outside of those with Naval or ocean shipping connections.

It wouldn't be long in the course of the war, that the remote--to most Americans--geography of the Pacific would become very familiar.

The Japanese meanwhile provided their own graphic view of events taking place on Guam.


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