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  • Writer's pictureBy Alex J. Rhowuniong

2019 Guam Liberation Day is going to be anything but usual

The 2019 Guam Liberation Day festivity line-up is filled with lots of fun activities, with the name of pop star sensation and Guam native Pia Mia Perez right on top.

She’s set to electrify her local fans live at the Carnival grounds next to CHamoru Village and the Paseo Stadium in Agana on July 20. Three years ago, Perez headlined during the third Lotte Duty Free Guam Live International Music Festival, nicely complementing FestPac 2016.

She will also be at the parade grounds July 21.

At Wednesday's press conference, officials announced the official theme of Guam’s huge Diamond celebration, festivities line-up and unveiled the 75th Liberation Day logo (in red, white and blue in both English and CHamoru) at Governor’s Complex in Adelup.

Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero addressed the media and other community members in attendance, saying: “I just wanted to say thank you for coming. And also want to extremely thank the committee that has been working feverishly to get the festivities happening. And it’s going to happen, and it’s going to be very successful!”

Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero and U.S. Naval Base Guam commanding officer, Capt. Hans Sholley, admired the 75th Guam Liberation logo after unveiling it during a press conference at the Governor Complex in Adelup, April 17, 2019. Photo by Alex J. Rhowuniong

She added: “It’s going to be a time of experience, a time of memory for everybody!”

And it’s also going to be a time of harmony, peace and friendship. In fact, this year’s theme, “A Legacy of Peace and Friendship!” celebrates, among other things, peace and friendship with our neighboring island of Japan.

While the Japanese Army was once Guam’s official oppressor before American forces initiated the 1944 liberation attack, Japan has ironically become a primary Guam savior, propping up its economy as the primary tourist market for many years before the new markets of Korea, China and Russia started to flourish.

Today the relationship between the two according to the Guam governor is "a great testament of how friendship has resulted after a horrific war."

This year’s 75th Liberation Day celebration will kick-off with Flag Day May 12 and the 31st Guam Micronesia Island Fair May 29 until events closing on Aug 4, 2019.

“This celebration is dedicated to all of the people of Guam as we remember our liberators,” said Lt. Gov. Josh Tenorio, honorary co-chair of the Guam Liberation Day committee with Dededo Mayor Melissa Savares, Sinajana Mayor Robert Hoffman and Speaker Tina Rose Muna-Barnes.

“It’s a coming together to honor the members of our community and to honor our survivors who have gone through so much pain and atrocities during the war,” the governor also said, “but now experiencing harmony, and peace, and friendship within our island.

Tenorio added: “We made a decision to move the Micronesian Island Fair to Agana. It will be at the Plaza de España. The following week, we will open the Guam Island Fair … known as the Liberation Carnival.”

There are new events added, and many other key and exciting events have moved this year. The Liberation Day committee also announced the launching of a website ( and Facebook page (, where you can see all events and changes, as official communication platforms for Guam Liberation Day information.

Tenorio urged Guamanians abroad to, "adjust your travel dates, cancel or postpone your summer trips, and be on Guam this Liberation."

Pia Mia who joined the conference via video added: "I just want to say I can't wait to come home and see everybody. I'm so honored to be part of the 75th Liberation Day. I miss home and I can't wait to be with you."

Finally, Tenorio said: "Let’s have a very memorable and dignified celebration for this year,”


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