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Familiar name in Guam legislative race

James Camacho Moylan has filed his organizational chart with the Guam Election Commission, the initial step in his bid to seek a seat as a senator in the 35th Guam Legislature.

Previous Moylan family members holding public office include former Lt. Governor Kurt S. Moylan and Kaleo S. Moylan.

He is the son of the late John Francis Moylan and Maria Camacho Moylan. He is married to Monica Johnston Moylan, and is the father of two college students, Abby and Kristen.

Moylan manages Government Accounts for NetCare Life and Health Insurance Company, and his experience includes serving as a commissioned officer and veteran of the United States Armed Forces, a Parole Officer for the Department of Corrections, Small Business Owner, Board Member of the Guam Chamber of Commerce. According to the release, he 'facilitated' the formulation of Guam’s first domestic life and health insurance company and has been involved with many other local organizations.

Moylan brings a wealth of institutional knowledge in areas that include healthcare, public safety, financial services, economic development, and business management. His primary focus if elected to the 35th Guam Legislature would be to focus on the economy, including job creation, building financial independence, and the priorities in government spending.

“A healthier economy means better roads, quicker tax refund payouts, an improved hospital, and more public safety presence in our villages. We must look for ways to make Guam a more business friendly environment and support small businesses, which are major lifeblood’s of our local economy," said Moylan. "The people of Guam expect more from their public officials, and I look forward to delivering.”


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