GWA proposing to create new assistant GM position

The Guam Waterworks Authority is seeking to create a new assistant general manager position, an unclassified seat with a proposed annual salary ranging from $$144,772 to $$150,650.

"GWA certifies that this position is budgeted, and that funding is available for the recruitment and retention of the amended certified, technical and professional position," GWA general manager Miguel Bordallo stated in the petition submitted to Consolidated Commission on Utilities. "The funding of this position does not have an impact on the general fund."

Bordallo said the assistant general manager for engineering will perform "a complex work involving in the planning, permitting, organizing, coordinating, design, construction inspection, construction management, and operations support including the preventive and corrective maintenance and repair of facilities to ensure systems meet high level compliance with water and wastewater standards for GWA water and wastewater facilities."

Based on the petition, the minimum and maximum salary range follows the Strategic Pay Methodology based on the 20h market percentile; 2017 market data for this unclassified, certified, technical and professional position and comparable with other U.S. jurisdictions and/or the American Waterworks Association salary surveys.