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Proposed law would help you figure out your physician

Guam Senator Mary C. Torres introduced Bill 202-34 (LS), which is co-sponsored by Senator James V. Espaldon. Should it become law, the bill will require the Guam Board of Medical Examiners to upgrade the information found on its website by providing pertinent information on the medical physicians it licenses.

Under current Guam law, an inquiring member of the public is entitled to receive information on enforcement actions taken against a physician licensed on Guam by the Board, or by another state board or licensing jurisdiction, by submitting a request to the Board. The Board must then release the requested information within four working days.

Present law, however, doesn’t do enough to provide the public ready access to general professional information required to make an informed decision when choosing a physician to provide medical care. Bill 202-34 is intended to address this gap and further promote a culture of trust when selecting healthcare professionals.

Bill 202-34(LS) will allow the public greater access to physician information by requiring the Guam Board of Medical Examiners to have physicians’ profiles readily available on their website. Each profile will include the physician’s full names and aliases, education history, employment history, specializations and other information pertinent to their profession.

This resource should benefit not just patients, but physicians as well, since doctors share a common goal of providing excellent, effective and safe medical treatment to patients. This bill will facilitate an atmosphere of transparency and professionalism and empower the public to make more informed decisions about health care providers.


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