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  • Pacific Island Times Staff

The Guam and Tinian invasions are on, July 24, 1944

Without question there was a lot of fighting remaining on Guam, but Tinian, which had been 'softened up' by constant shelling from Saipan, was next in line for the American forces.

Meanwhile, the formerly isolationist Chicago Tribune was as gung-ho as any media outlet in cheering on the prosecution of the Pacific war.

The on-the-ground prosecutors of the war on Guam, elements of the Third Marine Division, had just suffered a dawn attack with many casualties.

Library of Congress

The truly heavy duty military brass in charge of these operations were busy touring Saipan, which, with the exception of many stragglers, was more or less secured.

That Jeep contained Admiral Ernest King, Marine General Holland 'Howling Mad' Smith (wielding a carbine) and Admiral Chester W. Nimitz.

And as slow as wartime communications were between the theatres, word on the Guam invasion was front page news in the European Stars and Stripes.


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