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Three more Covid deaths in Palau reported over the weekend

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

Koror (Island Times) --Three more people died in Palau due to Covid-19, bringing total Covid deaths to four, reported Health Minister Gaafar Uherbelau.

The announcement said that all four deaths were over 50 years of age and had underlying conditions. Two of them were unvaccinated.

The patients were in the Covid ward when they passed away. It could not be confirmed if they contracted Covid before they were admitted or while in the hospital for other causes.

“I am afraid that Covid is already spreading in hospital and if I get admitted, I might die,” said an elderly lady with diabetes.


“I called my doctor for my scheduled regular check-up and was told not to come to the hospital because I may catch Covid,” said another person taking heart medications. “I guess we just keep taking our prescriptions and wait until COVID passes even if that takes a year,” she added.


Dr. Hancock earlier announced that Palau has the new drug treatments for Covid and that early detection will lead to early treatment, preventing severe symptoms and death.

As of Feb. q14, Palau has a total of 123 new cases. These include cases identified between Saturday and Monday. There were 15 hospitalizations, 1078 active cases, and 2,178 recovered cases.

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