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Moylan: 'The next four years is not going to be easy'

Attorney General Douglas Moylan takes his oath before Guam Supreme Court Justice Phillip Carbullido. Photo by Gina T. Reilly

By Gina T. Reilly

Newly sworn-in Attorney General Douglas Moylan warned criminals to “think twice” under his administration.

“Follow our laws like the rest of us or suffer the consequences. Hurt us and we will force you to grow old in prison," Moylan said during the swearing-in ceremony at Hilton Guam Resort & Spa.

“Let’s make no bones about it, the next four years is not going to be easy. When an AG goes into Court, we’re fighting to protect you,” he said.

“We are all safer and living a better quality of life when the AG enforces our criminal and civil laws passed by our lawmakers. Guam’s tourism economy cannot afford the lasting scars criminals inflict upon us,” he added.


Moylan was the first elected attorney general after the office, formerly an appointive position, became an elective seat. He served from 2003 to 2007.

In the Nov. 8 elections, Moylan defeated Leevin Camacho.

"Things I promised to you are now legal policy at the AG’s Office. It is with a firm resolve that I enter the next four years to work with my team, the governor "and the judiciary to protect each and every one of you," Moylan said. "To reduce crime victims, this AG’s administration adopts the doctrine of 'Protect & Punish to Deter.'"

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