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Jack in the Box opens new branch in Tamuning

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

Jack in the Box Inc. today opened its new free-standing restaurant located in Tamuning along Marine Corps Drive at the corner of Jalaguac Way.

The new Tamuning location is one of the largest restaurant buildings in the franchise and offers an indoor dining experience, a convenient drive-through, and ample parking.

“It is important for Jack in the Box to provide our customers with the best experiences possible. The Tamuning free-standing restaurant provides generous space for our customers to dine in and enjoy time with family, friends, and co-workers," said Donna Yano, vice president of Jack in the Box Hawaii and Guam said.

Jack in the Box Tamuning, with its modern design and Marine Corps Drive convenience, is now open daily and offers 24-hour service with a full menu.

“We are proud to offer our full menu at all times of the day. We look forward to serving those who work and live in Tamuning, customers passing through on their way home, and filling the need for more late-night dining for our community,” Yano added.

The restaurant’s current location employs more than 40 staff members, and its new location has hired over 50 employees. Jack in the Box Tamuning is also home to a new bus stop that is designed to shelter students from Guam’s weather elements while ensuring the safety of those getting on and off the buses.

Additionally, a new bus pull-over area on the restaurant’s property will ensure safer loading and unloading of passengers while avoiding interruption of the natural traffic flow on Jalaguac Way.

“We want to do more for our community than serve a great meal. We care about the people in the places where we do business," said Julie Ann Coronel, restaurant manager for Jack in the Box Guam.

"This is why we hire locally and work to make Guam a better place to live. We are happy to provide the new Marine Corps Drive bus stop where students can get to school and back home safely. We also look forward to being an afterschool stop where students can have a meal," she added.

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