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HSEM undergoes Municipality Operations Center setup in Rota

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

Saipan--The CNMI Homeland Security and Emergency Management (HSEM) has set up the Municipal Operations Center in Sinapolo, Rota.

HSEM said the implementation of Disaster Management Systems, as well as, government computers and workstations regarding emergency preparedness is one of the key elements it has provided in the effort to grow the operations center as a whole.

Increasing the disaster readiness of command buildings has been and will remain an important element of advancing Homeland Security and Emergency Management, HSEM said.

"Reconstructing the CNMI with the highest standards of emergency preparedness in the place of every command agency, HSEM will be able to build a modern, safe and efficient center for its employees and local residents," HSEM said.

"While we can’t prevent natural disasters and other emergencies from happening in our island, we can be ready for them through rigorous preparation and multi-agency collaboration," HSEM said.

Acting Special Assistant Joey Dela Cruz said the renovations have already been proven useful, as shown by HSEM team helping with recovery efforts.

"We are grateful to all of the command buildings abroad and in the CNMI for their continued partnership and support, and to ensure the Governor’s vision on supporting the MOC from the state, we have provided the respective and necessary supplies to coordinate and communicate effectively using innovative management systems in the event of a disaster," Dela Cruz said.

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