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Gov. Torres summoned by JGO to answer charges of corruption

Gov. Ralph Torres

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

Saipan-- CNMI Gov. Ralph Torres has been summoned to appear on Friday before the House of Representatives committee on Judiciary and Governmental Operations to answer a host of allegations including questionable travel expenses, suspicious procurement practices and abuse of government resources.

In a second video as part of a series of interviews with KKMP’s Gary Sword, Torres addressed the committee's allegations regarding his boating trips, specifically to the Northern Islands.

Torres said his trips to the Northern Islands were part of his efforts to look into the possibility of resettling its former residents and study its potential as a destination for visitors.

“Our people deserve the truth directly from me and not through a political body like the JGO committee," Torres said in a statement. “You deserve the full story, and I hope this addresses these abusive allegations by officials that prioritize politics over our people.”

According to the subpoena, the governor will be asked to answer the following issues:

• Official travels on first/premium class flights;

• Expenditure, per diem, stipend and reimbursement justifications for travels between 2015 to present; and gifts claimed by or on behalf of Gov. Ralph DLG Torres and first lady Diann Tudela Torres.

• Property/inventory policies, procedures and practices of the Office of the Governor including, but not limited to, equipment and goods purchased or claimed by or on behalf of Governor Torres and/or Mrs. Torres

• The use of Department of Public Safety personnel for personal security detail and the use of other government personnel and resources, including federal grants for the benefit of Torres and Mrs. Torres.

• Contract and contractual relationships entered into for the benefit of the Office of the Governor, Governor Torres and Mrs. Torres including, but not limited to, contracts for personnel, consulting, and legal representation.

• Payment and use of utilities for the benefit of Governor Torres and Mrs. Torres.

• Federal investigations involving CNMI government expenditures and resources.

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