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Citadel launches Guam Exchange

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

The investment management company Citadel Pacific has launched Guam Exchange, which established the territory as an information and communication technology hub in the Pacific.

Citadel said Guam Exchange provides open access data center facilities across Guam and the CNMI.

"Guam Exchange’s mission is to promote Guam as a regional ICT hub for data center, subsea cable and internet infrastructure. Our flagship Harmon 1 facility will be the first Open Access, Tier III compliant Data Center on Guam," Citadel said in its Jan. 22 LinkedIn post.

"Guam Exchange is leveraging its dense fiber network to interconnect all existing and upcoming cable landing stations across Guam to provide its colocation clients seamless access to all of the subsea cables traversing the island as well as operating the first commercial Internet Exchange Point on the island, Guam IX," the company said.

Jim Beighly, Citadel's CEO, said the Guam Exchange announcement was the start of a series of investment announcements.

"Over the next few months, we will issue announcements on optical cable extensions into our campus, we are undertaking feasibility studies for new cable landing stations on the East Coast of Guam for sorely needed diversity, and we are working on a sister project to Guam Exchange in the CNMI to bolster redundancies," Beighly posted on his LinkedIn page.

"Over the coming years, we firmly believe Guam will become a critical ICT hub for network operators looking for switching/restoration of their global backbones, Internet peering and edge PoP deployments. We are committed to fostering this growth for the long haul," he added.


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