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  • By Pacific Iland Times News Staff

CNMI residents advised to prepare for Wutip

CNMI officials monitor Wutip's movement at the Emergency Operations Center-State Warning Point.

Saipan--“Now is the time to act,” the CNMI government said in a public advisory urging island residents to review their preparedness plans and be ready to implement should a warning be issued for the CNMI.

“Although the CNMI is not expecting much rain throughout Wutip, it is always advisable to clear drainage areas so as to better prepare in the event conditions unexpectedly change. Check your generators to ensure operability in case of power loss, and ensure your family has enough drinking water and non-potable water to flush toilets and for hygiene purposes. Gas your vehicles,” the government advisory said. Noting that damaging winds are possible across the Marianas starting early Saturday morning, the CNMI government advises residents to secure any debris that may have been left by Super Typhoon Yutu. Check typhoon shutters to ensure they are in current working condition. “Please try to assist your neighbors if they are in need of assistance. The CNMI Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Management urges residents to remain in tune with local media to receive the latest updates on Typhoon Wutip,” the advisory reads.

Visit the following links for the latest advisory information: CNMI EOC State Warning Point Facebook: CNMI Office of the Governor Facebook: Governor Ralph DLG. Torres Facebook: CNMI Joint Information Center:

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