Guam wants a piece of the cruise ship industry

Cruise ships have passed through Guam on and off for many years, yet the island has so far not created a permanent cruise ship industry. It’s widely believed that that is where the true economic benefit of the industry comes from.

In October, the Legislature’s Committee on Health, Tourism, Military Affairs and Senior Citizens put the Guam Visitors Bureau’s feet to the fire on this, as it held a hearing for Bill 167-34, which would direct Guam Visitors Bureau to develop and publish a request for information relative to developing the island as a cruise ship industry homeport.

Committee Chair Senator Dennis Rodriquez, opened the meeting:

“For the past few years, Guam has invested, through GVB, a significant amount of resources to the cruise industry, in looking at the cruise industry and seeing how it can be developed on Guam. These were done through membership in the Micronesian Cruise Ship Association. We estimate about $200,000 has been invested in this effort."

The Pacific Asia Travel Association provided GVB services in developing a cruise industry homeport. PATA received a report from their consultants on the Micronesia cruise development. It highlighted strengths and weaknesses of a cruise industry in Micronesia.