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Harmon Industrial Park Development Initiatives Moving Forward

(Press Release) The Harmon Industrial Park could soon see a surge in rehabilitative developments that could modernize Guam's industrial sector. Members of the 33rd Guam Legislature worked together and successfully passed Senator Frank Aguon's Bill 285-33 which, if signed by the governor, will provide tax credits to businesses that contribute to the cost of labor, design and materials for the rehabilitation and improvement of the Harmon Industrial Park Roadway as identified and approved the Guam Economic and Development Authority.

"The estimated cost to begin improvements the Harmon Industrial Park Roadway infrastructure is $4 Million. This is $4 Million the government does not have in its coffers to freely spend," Senator Aguon said. "The government simply cannot afford to fund all of the necessary improvements Guam needs but we can work collaboratively with private partnerships like the Harmon Industrial Parkway Association, and encourage them to invest more in our island. In fact, this piece of legislation could potentially be used for future private partnerships. This is only the beginning of hopefully many more improvements to the Harmon Industrial Park surrounding areas."

The estimated cost to rehabilitate and improve the Harmon Industrial Park’s primary roadway, including the secondary roads that connect into Hamburger Road and the Home Depot amounts to approximately $4 Million for the first phase. Additionally, Three Hundred Thousand Dollars ($300,000) will be expended for an Architectural and Engineering Design for the roadway project, to include the total costs that would qualify under the tax credits. The design must be completed within ninety (90) days after enactment. The Department of Public Works shall have regulatory oversight, to the extent appropriate, of the rehabilitation and improvement of the project.

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