Philippines goes green, announces moratorium on new coal power projects

Manila (Sharemoney)-- Coal is the most common fossil fuel used to generate electricity. In the Philippines, it represents 40 percent of power production capacity, outpacing all other sources of energy - but it is also the dirtiest.

That’s why the Philippines Department of Energy (DOE) in November 2020 drew a line in the sand and placed a moratorium on any applications for projects on “undeveloped greenfield sites” that rely on coal. Take the Calaca power station, a 900MW coal-fired power plant located in the City of Batangas. It was on course to bolster capacity by some 700MW, plans that were subsequently nixed as a result of last year’s ban.

It was a long-time coming and follows President Rodrigo Duterte’s promise from years ago to incorporate more renewable sources of energy into the capacity mix. The recent move represents a paradigm shift toward cleaner sources of energy including renewables and natural gas for power generation across the industrial, commercial and household segments.