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  • By Pacific island Times News Staff

Names of suspects in Yap murder kept under wraps

Yap Gov. Henry S. Falan said arrests have been made in the murder of Acting Attorney General Rachelle Bergeron but the governor declined to name the suspects.

“The next stage in the investigation will be the court proceedings as the State moves toward the final stage of conviction,” according to a press statement from the Yap Information Office.

The information released by the governor's office did not have details about the arrest.

“No names will be issued by the authorities at this time. We will keep the public informed at the appropriate time as the court case moves ahead,” the statement said.

A source who is close to the case earlier said two firefighters have been taken into police custody last week.

Bergeron was shot on front of her home while returning from her daily walk with her dog in the evening of Oct. 14.

Due to limited information being released by the government, Bergeron’s murder has sparked rumors and speculations.

“The Governor expresses his solemn gratitude and heartfelt thanks to the joint investigating team of the Yap State Police Department, Office of the Attorney General and their external partners including the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the FSM Department of Justice for their hard work and dedication during the past two weeks to bring this case to a close,” the statement. “Governor also would like to thank the community and citizens of Yap for their contributions, support, patience, and prayers during this stressful time. May God Bless us all.”


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