My pal Jeff Bezos outs blackmailing, creepy National Enquirer

And the supermarket tabloid says Bezos is “sleazy”!?

I’ve had a relationship with Jeff Bezos since 1996 or so the Amazon website tells me every time I drop by. 1996! That’s even before Bezos took Amazon public and a real long time before the financial media began referring to him as the richest man in the world.

Back then, Amazon was all about books and I was living on Saipan. I can think of many nice things to say about Saipan and the CNMI where I lived for many years, but my environment then was a bookstore free desert. When I and other book buyers heard about the site and checked out the discounts, we were hooked pronto and never looked back, busy picking our purchases at the Chalan Kanoa post office. I know that many of us hoped Bezos would survive the competition and thrive.

Of course we didn’t know back then that Bezos’ boundless ambition was to be more or less the retail king of the internet or maybe the world, flogging about any shippable product off to places with or without competing brick and mortar stores. Many of those retailers aren’t with us anymore, having succumbed to the Bezos machine and going out of business. Checking his bottom line, I guess he was onto something.