Low awareness about labor training programs on Guam impedes desired results

Local labor officials on Friday stressed the need for Guam to exert more efforts to attract and train the next generation of local workers in skill areas in preparation for the military buildup expected to take place in the mid-2020s.

There are several existing programs designed to build a resident labor pool on Guam but they have not achieved the desired results due to low awareness in the community, officials said at the informational hearing held Friday at the Legislature by Sen. Regine Biscoe Lee.

Sam Mabini Regine Biscoe Lee

“One of the challenges we’ve encountered is getting the word out to our community about these programs,” said Lee, chair of the Committee on Innovation and Economic Workforce and Youth Development. “Additionally, one of our goals going into this hearing is to support a larger public dialogue on how we can address some of the economic and workforce challenges facing this island, and to strategize ways to lift up Guam’s workers, businesses and all our families.”