'Vax n’ win' boosts Guam's Covid shots but some residents continue to hold out

Updated: Jun 23

The pace of Guam’s vaccination program may have accelerated since the government announced the “vax n’ win” incentive two weeks ago, but for some holdouts, the lure of a $10,000 cash prize and a brand-new car is not appealing enough to roll up their sleeves.

“Somehow my conscience tells me to wait. I really do not understand why I feel I must wait,” said Tamuning resident Annette Robert, 32. “But deep in my gut, I feel like the vaccine will endanger my life in the future.”

Robert, who described herself as “a Bible-believing Christian,” said the “Church believes we are in the last days.”

The “vax n’ win” initiative is aimed at reaching herd immunity— 80 percent of Guam’s adult population— by July 21, Liberation Day.

The first winners were announced last week and another set of winners is scheduled to be announced Wednesday.

The vaccine raffle draw is not unique to Guam.

New York State is giving away scratch-off lottery tickets with a $5-million grand prize to adults who get their shot.

California’s Vax for the Win program offers a total of $116.5 million in prizes to residents who have gotten at least one vaccine dose.