The stories I haven’t told

Updated: Oct 11

Daydream By Diana G. Mendoza

Manila – Every time I declutter, I stumble onto old stuff that I thought I had thrown away. The most recent is a stack of reporter’s notepads; some still half-filled, some overflowing with notes, doodles and scrawls occupying every inch and corner of the pages.

As I leafed through them, I could figure out from my typically undecipherable handwriting hundreds of words I jotted down from interviews and press conferences. They included my own thoughts, some limericks and poetry.

I had many of these steno notebooks when I was a news reporter out in the field on daily coverage. I discarded many of them through the years, but only after I kept them as if they were the first things I would save in case of fire.

They always came in handy with a recorder. Today, despite such new options as my cellphone to record and take photos of an event, or typing notes directly on my laptop, I still go by a journalist's work weapons – the pen, the notepad and the recorder.

Even for a few years when I was not active in journalism as I shifted briefly to different jobs, I still carried a notepad. I feel there is always something to write down. Even today, I’m still a pen-and-paper person.