San Nicolas: Lack of funds can't be used as an excuse to shortchange students

Congressman Michael San Nicolas

The Guam Department of Education has received a total of $201 million in Covid-19 related federal funds since last year. This amount is equivalent to 96 percent of the department's budget of $209 million in fiscal 2021.

Since Guam is awash in federal cash, the government can no longer use "lack of resources" as an excuse not to deliver the needs of Guam students, Congressman Michael San Nicolas said.

San Nicolas wrote to Sen. Joe San Agustin, chairman of the appropriations committee, urging him not to cut local appropriations for education just because Guam has received federal funds.

The Guam Department of Education is requesting a budget of $373.16 million budget for fiscal 2022. The proposed budget was $8.14 million more than what the department requested for FY 2021