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Saipan residents press for impeachment of Torres; House anticipated to pass resolution

Demonstrators stage a rally in Garapan calling for the impeachment of Gov. Ralph Torres. Photo by Emmanuel Erediano/Marianas Variety

By Emmanuel T Erediano

Saipan (Marianas Variety)-- Several residents held another demonstration at the Garapan Fishing Base on Tuesday to call for the impeachment of Gov. Ralph DLG Torres.

The event, which started at 5 p.m., initially involved about a dozen people with six more individuals joining them.

Former Office of Vocational Rehabilitation Director Maryann Borja said they won't stop holding demonstrations until the governor is impeached.

She is hoping that more people will join them.

Military veteran Fabian Indalecio said the demonstration may not occur every day, but they will continue to call for the governor’s impeachment because “enough is enough.”

The people who joined the demonstration on Tuesday brought their own placards and signs which read, "Shame on you, Raffet," "Cheetos Resign," "Stop Corruption," "Raffet Breached the Law, We Must Impeach," "120% guilty, No to Corruption," and "Impeach the governor now."

Aside from Indalecio and Borja the other private citizens who participated in the demonstration included high school teacher Paul Murphy and private sector employee Joe Cepeda who said, “We just need to stop this corruption. Enough is enough. The people are suffering.”

A resolution to impeach the governor has been introduced in the 20-seat House of Representatives, which is expected to pass it by 14 or 15 votes.

The resolution accuses the governor of corruption, neglect of duty and felonies of theft — all of which he has denied.

Once the House impeaches the governor, the Senate will hold a trial. If six of the nine members vote for his conviction, he will be removed from office and the lt. governor will become the new governor.

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