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Procurement for Guam school project stalled due to lack of legal representation

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

A Guam school project is on pause due to Attorney General Douglas Moylan's decision to pull his legal representation out of 22 government, according to the Office of the Governor.

One of the projects impacted is the effort to rebuild Simon Sanchez High School.

"The Attorney General’s Office has erroneously stated in the media that they are waiting for the Department of Public Works to solicit proposals," the governor's office said in a press statement.

Officials said the solicitation of proposals, which has already been published, has received six responses to the request for proposal for a construction manager for the multimillion-dollar project.

"However, procurement remains in a holding pattern because DPW cannot proceed with the next step which is a review of those six proposals without legal representation from their Organic Act mandated legal representative, Attorney General Douglas Moylan," the governor's office said.

"AG Moylan has erroneously stated that he has created what he calls a “workaround” for providing legal services. This is false. The truth is AG Moylan has concocted an illegal 'workaround' that violates Guam procurement laws, the Organic Act of Guam, and his ethical obligations under the Guam Rules of Professional Conduct," Adelup said.

Currently pending in the Supreme Court of Guam is the administration's request for clarification of the attorney general's duties.

"In the meantime, a finite pool of skilled labor is being committed to other long-term projects and the Simon Sanchez High School community continues to wait. The Simon Sanchez High School project is just the tip of the iceberg if AG Moylan continues to abandon his post," the governor's office said.


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