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Guam senators seeking a detailed report on how Adelup used ARP funds

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

As of July 31, the government of Guam has expended $259.4 million of the total $578.7 million received by the territory from the federal government through the American Rescue Plan Act. But Sen. Telo Taitague said Adelup has provided scarce information about how the funds were spent.

During the budget session on Monday, senators approved Taitague’s amendment to the FY 2023 budget bill to require the administration to provide details on the use of $578 million in ARP funds allocated to Guam.

Reporting requirements extend to funds that are authorized for Guam under the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.


Taitague included a provision in the FY 2022 budget law requiring monthly ARP reports but the information Adelup has submitted fails to itemize or describe the details of how federal taxpayer dollars are used.

The reports simply identify government agencies that have been allocated ARP funds and corresponding information on total expenditures and encumbrances. Without enough details, the ARP monthly reports are of little use to senators as the legislature prepares GovGuam’s FY 2023 budget.

“Rather than creating programs that will also help working families who are struggling with the rising costs of food, fuel, and utilities, Adelup has shown through the monthly ARP reports that it continues to prioritize federal pandemic recovery funds for government operations,” Taitague said.


“I believe we’re still in an artificial economy, which means that Guam’s share of ARP and infrastructure funding must be spent with a clear plan in place," Taitague said.

"Federal taxpayers have poured millions of dollars into Guam for pandemic recovery and it is our responsibility as decision-makers at the local level to prioritize these limited resources to help our families and small businesses make it through these tough economic times," she added.

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