FSM preparing for construction boom, $400M worth of projects in the pipeline

Contractors attend a meeting with FSM officials who discuss public-private partnerships on upcoming projects. Photo courtesy of FSM Information Service.

The Federated States of Micronesia is bracing for challenges ahead as it prepares to embark on approximately $400 million worth of capital improvement projects underway in its four states.

With such an unprecedented amount of projects in the pipeline, the FSM government and local contractors begin to evaluate and find solutions to the local construction industry's handicaps including a manpower shortage.

Carlson Apis

During a recent meeting with Secretary Carlson D. Apis of the FSM Department of Transportation Communication & Infrastructure, Pohnpei-registered private contractors expressed concerns about their ability to compete with foreign contractors given their limitations such as a lack of necessary equipment, manpower, licenses, or cash reserves to take on major projects.

“Our government’s preference is really to have our own companies participate more in our projects,” Apis said in the meeting.