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Bank of Guam closes Chalan Piao branch on Saipan

After almost 10 years of serving Saipan’s southern region, Bank of Guam announced today that they will be officially closing its Chalan Piao location on Dec. 31, streamlining operations under its Garapan branch.

Since the beginning of 2021, the Bank has embarked on a transformative journey coined The Start of Something New, promising to integrate a legacy of personalized services with leading-edge technologies that deliver safe, secure, and convenient access right to the hands of their customers.

In August, the bank unveiled its new website, revealing a fresh, modern look using refreshed brand elements designed to complement its digital identity and accompanying technology.

In July, Bank of Guam announced the rebrand of their California region branch to TASI Bank, a division of Bank of Guam, refining their business strategy to focus primarily on business-to-business (B2B) financial services.

“Despite the undeniable growth in digital banking solutions, our customers are Familia, and while the closure of our Chalan Piao location may seem bittersweet, these are exciting times and we invite all our customers along with us on the next phase of our journey, each step closer to The Start of Something New.” -- Joaquin P. LG. Cook, President & Chief Executive Officer, Bank of Guam The Bank promises to continue its forward-looking journey with more major announcements scheduled to rollout throughout the rest of the year leading up to its 50th Anniversary Celebration in 2022. #### For ad


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