Friday, the 13th

Portland, Maine--Where America's day begins and begins.

Guam, a U.S. territory, west of the international dateline likes to say that this is where America's day begins. Maine, the farthest point east of the 50 states is where the sun first rises on the continental U.S. and Mainers like to say that this is where America's day begins.

They are both right.

I have the privilege of having lived in Guam and Maine, both beautiful places with beautiful people. For Guam and Maine, both experienced their first positive test of the coronavirus on Friday the 13th.

Three cases of coronavirus were first detected on Guam Friday the 13th and apparently two of three cases came from residents transiting back from Manila.

In Maine three cases were also first detected on Friday the 13th. One of the cases is a 12 year old boy from Cape Elizabeth, not that far from where we live.

Another case was an 80 year old resident of Oceanview, a retirement home in Cumberland County, also not far from where we live.