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  • By Pacific island Times News Staff

More fragments of human remains found at Yigo project site

Another set of human bones were discovered during the construction of the military firing ranges at Northwest Field in Yigo, according to the Department of Parks & Recreation’s Historic Preservation Office.

This is the 15th inadvertent discovery on military project sites since December 2018.

The latest set was found Tuesday within Area 5 of the Modified Record Firing Range and was discovered in a push pile of cleared forestation, DPR said.

The parts are believed to be of a fibula piece, a right ilium and other unidentifiable fragments.

Similar to the last finding, it is unknown as to the ethnicity of the remains.

DNA confirmation, however, is highly unlikely because of poor condition of the bones from surface exposure over time.

The Historic Preservation Office is reviewing the archaeological mitigation plan proposed by Marine Corps Activity Guam.

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