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  • By Pacific island Times News Staff

CNMI awarded $8.7 million in CIP funding

The CNMI has received $8.7 million in federal grants to help the typhon-ravaged commonwealth rebuild.

“The partnership we have had with Assistant Secretary Doug Domenech and the Office of Insular Affairs over the last few years has been a fruitful one, and this award is just another product of our work for the benefit of the Marianas,” CNMI Gov. Ralph Torres said.

“We worked collaboratively on the funding of our priorities by sharing our critical needs, which include funding for our local cost share of FEMA projects that have helped speed up our recovery and other critical infrastructure initiatives. We are very thankful to him and his team for the continued support of our priorities and our recovery efforts,” Torres said.

The CIP funding will be allocated for the following priority projects:

· $431,604 for the Commonwealth Utilities Corporation towards the Granular Activated Carbon Treatment System

· $5,143,896 for the local cost share of FEMA projects on Saipan

· $890,975 for the local cost share of FEMA projects on Tinian

· $890,975 for the local cost share of FEMA projects on Rota

· $500,000 for the local cost share of FEMA’s Super Typhoon Yutu Hazard Mitigation projects

· $706,000 for the continuation of the CIP program administration

· $101,550 for the maintenance of infrastructure projects in the CNMI

Additionally, the CNMI received $400,000 for the Rota Department of Public Safety building renovations, , as redirected from the 2016 Rota Landfill project.


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