What’s new in your resolutions?

2018 has come and gone, and all the merriment with it. Parties are done, gifts have been opened, all the food eaten. It’s time once again to take stock, reflect and make resolutions on how to be better this year. The question is, are you doing a new set of resolutions or rehashing the old ones for yet another year? What’s new in your resolutions? I’m adding one on mine: Digital Detox.

Too much digital use and dependency has been the bane for most people in recent years. In 2018, a digital minute (see graph) meant 4.3M videos watched on YouTube, 1.1M swipes on Tinder, 973K log-ins on Facebook to highlight a few. As a society, we have become so engrossed with technology that it is sometimes consuming vs merely enabling us.

There are even terms to describe it – like FOMO (fear of missing out), nomophobia (fear of being without your mobile phone), zombie check (unthinking time you browse thru your phone to avoid boredom), and the like. In fact, studies have come out trying to correlate use of technology, especially social media, with the rise of psychological disorders such as depression and anxiety in recent years. Some studies have also pointed out how akin the overuse of these may likely be to other addictions and obsessions, as its use leads to dopamine increases (and thus, feelings of instant gratification, pleasure, relief). While the verdict is not completely out yet, with exhaustive research and direct correlations, there is a growing concern and the initial data seems to be supporting it. I also think we can all stand to gain from a little less use of our devices.