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Guam ready to roll out free Wi-Fi hotspots in pilot areas

By Pacific Island Times News Staff



The National Telecommunications and Information Administration has approved Guam’s Digital Equity plan paving the way for the rollout of free Wi-Fi hotspots in pilot community facilities across the island.


The plan’s approval has unlocked Guam’s access to a $2.1 million grant, plus two supplementary awards of $750,000 each, to expand digital access and literacy.


“The plan specifically targets eight covered populations that are most affected by the digital divide: low-income households, aging individuals, incarcerated individuals, veterans, individuals with disabilities, individuals with a language barrier (including those with limited English proficiency), racial and ethnic minorities, and rural inhabitants,” according to a press release from the governor’s office.


Free Wi-Fi hotspots will be available at pilot community centers and schools.

“This approval from the NTIA is a significant step forward for Guam,” acting Gov. Joshua Tenorio said. “Our Digital Equity Plan is designed to address the unique challenges faced by our community in accessing digital resources.”


He noted that several residents still don’t have access to affordable, reliable high-speed internet access.


“Even more people either can't afford it or lack the necessary skills to use it. The gap between those with internet access and those without is significant,” Tenorio said.


“With the financial support now available, we are poised to make significant strides in ensuring that all residents have the tools and opportunities they need to thrive in a digital world,” he added.


The Digital Equity Plan outlines a comprehensive strategy to enhance internet connectivity, provide digital literacy training, and ensure that all Guam residents have access to the digital tools necessary for education, healthcare, employment, and civic engagement.


This plan aligns with the broader goals of the NTIA to promote digital equity across the nation, the governor’s office said.

Among other key programs and initiatives that will be piloted for eventual islandwide launch are training sessions to improve digital skills among seniors, veterans and other covered populations.


The plan also includes providing access to devices for low-income households and individuals with disabilities.

“This funding will help us build a more inclusive digital future for all Guam families. Achieving economic equity requires everyone to have access to dependable and affordable high-speed internet,” Tenorio said.

“We are committed to leveraging these resources to close the digital divide and create opportunities for every resident to participate fully in the digital economy," he added.

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