Anak Band: Concert for freedom and peace

Allen T. Bayed, a Filipino musician who formed ANAK band, said his enduring motivation to stay in the musical career is to promote peace and harmony. “Anak,” which means “child” in Filipino, is also the acronym for “Ang Nais Ay Kapayapaan” (All We Want is Peace).

Bayed’s passion for music is rooted in his family’s love for music. “My father loves to sing and perform and I have uncles from my mother side who were part of the band that performs around town,” recalled Bayed, whose family hails from Isabela, a northern province in the Philippines.

Bayed traced his musical journey to his younger years when he started competing and gaining exposure in Bombo Radyo, one of the Philippines’ largest radio networks. He expanded his skills by learning how to play the piano and guitar. He would perform everywhere he could and with different groups, locally and overseas.