Our lives in hash tags and lol

Manila — I read somewhere that some people's addiction to Facebook shows up in their brain scans, especially those who can't stay off the site. The report said this affects grey matter much as does cocaine. So I imagine that the other equally addicting social media platforms -- Twitter and Instagram – probably work like heroin.

While the report may appear scientific and funny at the same time, I believe in the addicting power of interacting with our fellow humans through technology, aided by gadgets and machines. I'm thankful, though, that we still get to interact organically or face-to-face.

I've never touched what are known as dangerous or regulated drugs; I only read (and write) about them, but I guess my social media addiction, if it can be called one, is moderate. I am the kind who is more into following, looking, checking at other people's posts rather than posting about me and my activities. If I compare myself to others who make FB their daily chronicle, I would not even be moderate but lower than low.