Calvo H-2B visa 'crisis' complaint and threat to military buildup may be getting through to

Guam Governor Eddie Baza Calvo isn't planning to do the work himself, but he's been complaining for quite a while that the Washington-imposed nearly 100 percent denial of applications for H2B visa worker applications threatens the future of the Guam military buildup. Now, the stateside Bloomberg Government website has picked up on the issue.

On Sep. 20, Pacific Island Times reported:

"Guam Governor Eddie Baza Calvo, just returned from a trip to Washington, D.C., said it’s just starting to dawn on lawmakers and high ranking officials of the Trump administration that blanket denials of skilled foreign workers to carry out military construction projects on Guam is already a huge threat to national security.

Echoing the president’s take on North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, Governor Calvo said, 'It took a crazy guy with a funky haircut to get people in Washington, D.C. to start listening to issues that are affecting the people of Guam.'

Speaking to the Guam Contractor’s Association, Calvo said the 100 percent denial to allow foreign laborers to carry out projects is an 'H2B worker crisis created by the federal government,' that also threatens to destroy a promising boom for military and civilian construction on the island lasting up to 2030 or longer. This policy change began in December, 2015 and is a rejection of longtime policy that has closely followed certifications by island governors.

'If they don’t change [H2B rules] as of yesterday, this buildup is not going to hap