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Guam state memorial service recognizes the life and career of Senator Angel Lujan "Sonny"

Sworn into office at age 25 as a member of the 23rd Guam Legislature, Angel Lujan "Sonny" Orsini served only one term, but his record of accomplishment as the youngest ever member of that body is remembered decades after his time as a legislator.
Back then, Orsini passed legislation that eliminated senators' accrual of sick leave for multiple years, established the Islandwide Beautification Task Force and supported aquaculture development. He also became chairman of the powerful and prestigious Committee on Rules, probably a unique honor for a first term lawmaker.
Rather than continue with a promising political career, which began with mentorship by Governor Ricky Bordallo, an internship with Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts and continued with work for Guam legislators and now Delegate Madeleine Bordallo, Orsini chose to pursue a passion for barbecue and entrepreneurism. He operated Åsu Smokehouse in the Chamorro Village with his brother Buddy. His recipes won him championships at the 2014 and 2015 Guam BBQ Block Party, as well as the 2014 Jack Daniels Smokin' Grillz BBQ Competition.
Guam's leading political figures were on hand for the memorial service at the Speaker Antonio R. Unpingco Legislative Session Hall at the Guam Congress Building in Hagåtña.
Tributes to Orsini came from, among others, longtime friend Anthony Babauta.
Orsini died July 26 after a battle with cancer.
Governor Eddie Calvo presents memorial resolution to Senator Orsini's
widow and family

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