When the prayer is answered in a roundabout way

Portland, Maine – Growing up in a home of faith facilitated my belief in God at an early age.

My father, a great English teacher, writer, PR man and orator, was also very good at public prayers. I never was any good at praying in public, but my father's faith and prayer life influenced my belief in the power of prayer. Over time, my praying routine evolved into a daily communication of informal thoughts sent frequently when I want to thank God for blessings or ask for divine help.

A couple of years after becoming CEO of Parkview Hospital in Brunswick, Maine, Sharon and I got married at a quaint little church on Bailey Island, Maine. We moved into a 70-year-old two-story house on Bailey Island within walking distance to Land’s End, which looked out toward Casco Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.

Bailey Island is part of a Maine community called Harpswell, which includes an oblong-type neck of land, running parallel along with three cigar-shaped back-to-back islands (Great Island, Orr's Island and Bailey Island.)

Land’s End is at the far end of Bailey Island and is known for stunning views, fresh ocean breezes and smells of the unparalleled Maine coast.

I usually walked to Land’s End at night, when the tourists were gone. It was so quiet you could almost hear the twinkling stars bouncing chimes off each other.