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The suspicious timing of road projects

By Dave Duenas

Seeing news reports and posts on social media regarding roads being fixed triggers a nerve in me and I found it insulting to our intelligence. Our roads have been in disrepair for decades, and all of a sudden, it’s an issue our government must address.

These road issues have been around for years— and years and years. It just amazes me how they are now getting attention during the gubernatorial election year. Why not at the beginning of a governor's term? Of course, it's all about timing.

If the government does improvements, well, that's good. If they lend assistance, such as a monthly power relief of $100 for five months, Prugraman Salape, pay raises and jobs, take it! They won't offer these again until the next election (or when federal funds are depleted.)

Ask yourself why these infrastructure improvements and other issues we face year after year weren't addressed years ago; why there were no pay raises for hard-working employees.

Why? Why? Why? It's all about timing and nothing else. Vote smart. Calling it as I see it and it's so obvious.

Some of our residents have relocated for better opportunities.

In a few weeks, we will vote. Let our vote be our voice.

Dave Duenas is a resident of Dededo.

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