Taitague facing ethics complaint

Sen Telo Taitague

Former police chief Joseph F. Cruz has filed an ethics complaint against Sen. Telo T. Taitague alleging she abused her power when she was deputy general manager of the Guam Visitors Bureau.

Cruz alleged Taitague accepted "kickbacks" from a vendor who was doing business with GVB.

Citing minutes from a GVB board's executive session on Nov. 23, 2016, Cruz said the discussions centered on Taitague’s "incompetence associated with her work performance," her tendency to bypass protocol and directly interfering with vendors.

"However, what was the most concerning comment in the document was a mention by board member Bruce Kloppenburg who was quoted by stating, 'then there was the kickback,'” Cruz said in an ethic complaint letter filed Monday with the legislature.

Cruz said Kloppenburg was making a reference to a high-end purse, originally meant for an employee raffle, which Taitague allegedly received from a vendor.

"Two employees were apparently involved in this “kickback” ordeal, and only one was implicated and was made to apologize and return the gift. Ms. Taitague, who was clearly a protected political hire from the Governor’s office