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Democratic Party primary likely to have a three-way race for Guam delegate seat

Updated: Feb 23

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

Former Guam Del. Michael F. Q. San Nicolas, a Democrat, is seeking to run again for a congressional seat in this year's elections.

He will run in a three-way race against Sen. Amanda Shelton and policy expert Ginger Cruz in the August primary.

The incumbent Republican delegate, James Moylan, is expected to seek reelection.

"It is with great humility that we make ourselves available once again to serve if our people will so have us," San Nicolas said after picking up a packet from the Guam Election Commission.

San Nicolas served two terms in Congress as a nonvoting delegate representing Guam. He skipped reelection for the seat to run for governor but lost to the incumbent Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero.

"Kathy, Kaleb, Keke and I talk often about what we know our island and people deserve, and that everyone's lives and futures should be filled with greater opportunities - we want this for Guam." San Nicolas said. 

"It is our hope and belief that the island shares this vision, and that we all know the only way to achieve this is to make it happen with true grit and unrelenting determination," San Nicolas said. 

"We humbly ask the people to join us, from all walks of life, all political parties; let's build a responsible Guam." San Nicolas concluded.

San Nicolas was under investigation by the House Ethics Committee in 2019 for allegedly engaging in an inappropriate relationship with a staff member and allegedly accepting excessive campaign contributions and converting them to personal use. In 2023 these allegations lapsed the statute of limitations with no formal charges, following closure of the ethics investigation a year prior."

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