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Proposed charter school seeking to offer high-tech education for Guam

Updated: Feb 26

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

The Business and Technology Academy Charter School has moved a step closer to reality following a public hearing on Feb, 7.

"We believe this school is what our island needs. We call on the charter council and community leaders to strongly support this for a brighter future for our children," said Baltazar Atalig, chairman of BTACS.

According to BTCS's press release, the proposed charter school seeks to prepare Guam's youth for the demands of the 21st-century business and technology workforce.


"The public hearing held on Feb. 7 marked a crucial milestone for BTACS after submitting its petition on Dec. 15, 2023," BTACS said.

Dr. Juan Flores, a board member and former education superintendent, underscored the significance of adopting an innovative approach to learning in response to the latest technological advancements in education.

“Together, we can forge a future where education seamlessly integrates with real-world experiences, empowering students to thrive and excel in the ever-changing landscape of the modern world," said Flores, the organization's secretary.

"The faculty will be recruited from among those currently teaching high school academic courses including math, english, social studies, and science," Flores said.

"New UOG graduates from the UOG School of Education and the School of Business and Public Administration will be encouraged to apply," he added

Flores said prospective teachers will participate in paid professional development activities allowing them time to develop the courses and develop their approaches to teaching according to the school's mission and guiding principles.

"The school will also enlist current professionals in the business and technology fields to teach relevant courses," he added.

BTACS said it will expand beyond the limitations of traditional classroom settings by providing students with immersive experiences in real-world industries to equip Guam's youth with the skills and knowledge applicable in the rapidly evolving world.

"By blending academic excellence with practical, real-world experiences, the school will empower students to navigate the complex digital landscape and make meaningful contributions to Guam's expanding business and technology sectors," BTACS said.


"With an industry-driven curriculum, hands-on learning opportunities, and cutting-edge technology integration, BTACS will provide students with comprehensive preparation for future career success," it added.

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