Pentagon pushing to get Aegis request for Guam in 2022 defense budget

Navy Adm. John Aquilino, who has been tapped to lead the Indo-Pacific Command, said getting the Aegis Ashore missile defense system on Guam would be his priority, backing the position of Adm. Phillip Davidson, who will retire this year.

“Global peace and prosperity depend on our presence in the Indo-Pacific,” Aquilino told members of the Senate Armed Services Committee during his nomination hearing Tuesday.

According to the military news agency Breaking Defense, the Pentagon is pushing to get the Aegis request in the 2022 defense budget.

Aquilino, who has been nominated by President Joe Biden to succeed Davidson, said there is an urgent need to defend the Indo-Pacific region against China's persistent missile threats from a 360-degree standpoint.

“The Chinese are increasing their capability and capacity, and closing that gap," he told the committee. "We've seen aggressive actions earlier than we anticipated, whether it be on the Indian border or whether it be in Hong Kong or whether it be against the Uyghurs.”

The request for Aegis installation on Guam is a component of Davidson's Pacific Deterrence Initiative, a five-year, $27 billion proposal, submitted to the U.S. Congress earlier this month.

Aquilino described the initiative as "the foundational approach to advancing capabilities and capacity in lethality, force design and posture, logistics, exercises and experimentation, while strengthening our allies and partnerships for an integrated joint force west of the international date line.”