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Navy prioritizes Guam's submarine industrial base, infrastructure repair

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

Funding for the submarine industrial base on Guam and to repair infrastructure damaged by Super Typhoon Mawar last year topped the U.S. Navy’s unfunded priority list in its budget request for fiscal 2025.

According to Breaking Defense’s report, the Navy plans to seek more than $11 billion in industrial base development funding throughout the future years' defense program.

“These funds would increase production rates and submarine availability through initiatives in supplier development, shipbuilder and supplier infrastructure, workforce development, technology advancements, and strategic sourcing. SIB investments directly support AUKUS partnerships that strengthen Indo-Pacific security,” states a document cited by Breaking Defense in its report.

While ranking No. 2 on Navy’s second highest priority, the $600 million request for repair of typhoon-damaged infrastructure is the costliest item on the list.

The Navy reported that the Glass Breakwater was significantly damaged by Typhoon Mawar in May last year and is at risk of failure, which would restrict the use of Apra Harbor, the report said.

Prioritizing the breakwater repair would "ensure the integrity of Apra Harbor and the Navy’s ability to sustain forces, and reduce risk to mobilize and transport joint forces during short notice responses,” the budget submission states.

According to the budget document, the administration previously sought $900 million in a “critical domestic needs supplemental request” to “repair various structures and facilities” damaged by Mawar.

“If the Critical Domestic Needs Supplemental is not appropriated in FY24, then the disaster relief funding for Guam recovery becomes an unfunded priority in FY25," it says.


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