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Moylan announces candidacy, says OAG needs a 'tough fighter,' not a 'nice guy'

Douglas Moylan

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

Douglas Moylan, Guam’s former attorney general, vows to put and keep criminals in jail, reduce gas prices and prosecute corrupt officials.

“When you elect an AG, you want the toughest fighter with experience as an AG, not an AG trying to appease everyone, including the criminals,” Moylan said after filing his candidacy today in a bid to return to his old office.

He is challenging Attorney General Leevin Camacho, who is seeking reelection.

“When you hire a lawyer, you don’t pay for a ‘nice guy’ like this AG,” Moylan referring to Camacho. “You pay for the toughest, smartest and most experienced attorney to fight for you. Don’t vote for an AG who wants to get re-elected. Vote for an AG who will fight till his last day in office, like I did.”

Moylan was Guam’s first elected attorney general after the seat was converted from an appointive to elective position. He served from 2003 to 2007. He lost his bid for a second term. He ran for office again in 2018 but lost to Camacho.

During his term in office, Moylan was a controversial public figure. He drew the ire of several officials after he filed dozens of lawsuits involving questionable government procurement, public fund misuse and bond borrowing among others.


He prosecuted former Gov. Carl T.C. Gutierrez and his political appointees on corruption charges, but lost most of the cases.

“We need an AG who is not afraid to prosecute, convince juries to convict and ask the courts to severely punish criminals, including corrupt politicians,” Moylan said.

He said Camacho has failed “to stop out-of-control violence, theft and drug problems; protect residents and businesses during the pandemic by allowing the governor to trample over our civil rights and ability to run our businesses, even ordering our National Guard troops to stop us while driving; and according to Guam’s public auditor, keep government officials from enriching the governor’s family by awarding a contract to a hotel holding a mortgage with Bank of Guam.”


Moylan also noted Camacho's failure to quickly act to protect an 83-year-old Filipina pleading for his help to protect her from physical abuse by her caregiver.

"I have an undisputed record of being a tough AG who fought for everyone. There’s no strings attached to me," Moylan said. "If elected, my 30 years of experience, toughness and commitment to enforcing all laws for everyone returns to the AG office’s criminal, civil, child support and consumer protection divisions. We shall also restore strength to the AG’s office so attorneys, employees and the public will again respect our chief legal officer.

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